Kumawood is one of the enormous movie industries in Ghana. The movie production is located in Kumasi. The name Kumawood was derived from the word ‘Kumasi’. It has been one of the most remunerative movie industries in Ghana for the past 2 decennia. One of the people who have contributed a lot to the development of Kumawood is Jackson K Bentum. Jackson K Bentum is a famous movie producer and director. He is the CEO of ‘Mesduah Movie Production’.

Jackson K Bentum has three adorable children who are all celebrities. His 3 children are Reagan Akwasi Jackson, Yaa Jackson, and Kwaku Nyame in descending from the elderly child to the youngest.

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Yaa Jackson

Yaa Jackson is the only daughter of Jackson K Bentum. Yaa Jackson is a young skilled actress and a musician. She began her acting career when she was only 2 years old. She has been one of the best actresses in the industry. She is a very beautiful and charming lady who has got a lot of men gushing over her.

Reagan Akwasi Jackson

Reagan Akwasi Jackson is the elderly son of the famous Kumawood movie director Jackson K Bentum. He is also a musician and an actor just like his lavish sister Yaa Jackson. Reagan Jackson has gained massive popularity in Ghana because of his good creative skills in his movies.

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Akwasi Nyame Jackson

Akwasi Nyame Jackson is an actor just like his other two siblings. He started acting as a very young star.

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