Many people have lost their marriages because of childlessness. Many people cry everyday because of childlessness. This issue of childlessness sometimes makes you so desperate that you might end up doing something really bad. It brings so much hatred from family members and so much ridicules from friends and other colleagues. If you don’t take care you would end up in even a very worse situation like pastors collecting all your monies and other kinds of stuff.

From the footage, you could see a juju man chopping a lady. You could see a juju man sleeping with a lady all because the lady wanted a child. The juju man claimed he has to sleep with the lady before she could give birth. And out of desperation for a child the lady also allowed the juju man to have his way in her. The beautiful lady stood so low because of a child.

Now that she has been captured on camera, the husband would see her being chopped by the juju man. The husband would divorce her and she would move from frying pan to fire. She wanted to do it to save her marriage but now she has ended the marriage herself. It is sad. You shouldn’t do something out of desperation. What would be the guarantee that the juju man can get you pregnant?

This would even be an insult to your husband. Because your husband could not impregnate you but juju man impregnated you. I don’t know the minds and sense of some women. Why would you go behind your husband’s back and seek a child from juju man? Some ladies too get chopped not only by juju men but some pastors. Some pastors chop people’s wives because of children. Readers should be careful and vigilant in their marriages. Childlessness is not the end of the world for you.