A video of a lady with huge backside showing off her dancing skills in church has caused massive stir on social media.

A very humorous and amusing video is currently making its rounds on social media.

The clip shows a woman with a huge backside dancing during a very public event The lady in question was shaking her body in a rather amorous manner.

In fact, some attendants at the gathering could not help but stare and capture a footage of her as she danced in very rousing ways.

The fact that she brought dance moves meant for ‘clubs’ to a formal event have provoked a number of people.

However, some folks (especially ladies) have risen to the defence of the unknown lady. Some are of the opinion that she can dance as she pleases as God does not discriminate against huge backsides or dance moves.

In short, there has been an argument over the correctness of the woman’s action.

Watch the video below :