“Leave me Alone, People booze all the time – Sugartone finally reply critics of his drunkenness

Not long ago, footage of ace music producer Sugartone laying helpless on the street and drunk at the same time popped up which paved the for people to ask several questions in reference to the story behind such a fall from grace.
But the good news is that Sugartone has finally added his voice to the buzz. In a chit-chat with Onua FM’s Victor Kodom at his mother’s residence, Sugartone said the unfortunate event happened only once.

He further revealed that the betrayal of some artistes, whom he helped shape their careers, drives him to the bottle.

But he is not worried about the viral video that circulated on the internet. On the contrary, he is focused on getting his album out.

“People booze in their respective houses, nobody talks about them. Is it because I am famous that made it a big deal? I am not even perturbed about it”.

“Yeah, I had too much alcohol that day, I admit. It does not give you the power to record me and put it out there. The funny thing is people were saying all kinds of things about me without verifying. You came to check on me, right? Do I look sick to you? I am alright. I am doing my own thing,” Sugartone commented.

On records, Sugartone is well known for producing Shatta Wale’s (then Bandana) earlier records including all songs which made it to his debut Mokoho album. He is also credited for producing some hit songs for the late Dasebre Gyamenah.

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