He who finds a man has found a thing of joy according to the popular saying. It’s the best feeling in the world to have the best partner in your life. Ladies don’t just choose anyone to marry, most of them have their preferences and the type of man they wish to marry and spent the rest of their lives with.

Some men like fat ladies, while some like ladies who are slim and moderate. Many women in today’s world now focus more on men’s height, handsomeness, teeth, and their sense of fashion, etc.

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Behaviour is one of the major characteristics every man should look for because that’s what will make any marriage last long. Most men want women with strong homework who are able to perform their housework and fulfill their marital obligations to their husbands effectively.

The most important thing for parents is to enlighten their children on what they are supposed to be doing after getting married so that they don’t mess up the whole thing.

This article today is about a beautiful Slay Queen who uploaded some of her photos with a wheelbarrow and a few water containers on Facebook. In her phrase, she claimed to be a good wife material because she can do a lot of house chores.

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