“Looking good has nothing to do with my marital status, you’re hypocrites” – Fella Makafui replies her critics


Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has clapped back at naysayers who are policing her body and fashion choices because of her status as a married woman.

In a recent video shared on her Instagram, the mother-of-one and wife of rapper Medikal showed herself receiving spa treatment to keep her tummy flat and enhance her curves.

The body enhancement advertisement aimed at promoting the company that has been helping her achieve her hourglass figure led to criticism from some netizens.

But despite the backlash, Fella was unapologetic and defended herself by stating that she takes self-care seriously and wants to share her secrets with her fans.

Documenting the process on an Instagram post, Fella said, “You all know I don’t play when it comes to ‘self-care’ lol . You’ve all been asking how I maintain my snatched waist so here you go.”

However, the negative reviews that met Fella’s decision to share her experience with her fans triggered her to launch an attack on the detractors.

She took to the comment section to write: “Some of you are hypocrites lol. Looking good has nothing to do with the fact that I’m married or not. I’m doing it for me. Sit in your house with your big tummy lol that’s your problem, not mine. I love to look good and feel good in my body, I will not stop this self-care treatment for myself. If you admire this, join the train if not too, Good luck with admiring from afar. You really don’t have to hate lol the procedure is even not expensive.”