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Lumba is the first artist to pay me a significant sum of money for work completed- Appietus

After years of creating beats for musicians, popular sound engineer Appiah Darkwah, also known as Appietus, claims that Daddy Lumba was the first artist to pay him a significant sum of money.

He claims that when he first began his profession, his main goal was to market himself to the globe and make the world aware of his natural talents.

Speaking on Kumasi’s Pure FM, Appietus claimed that Daddy Lumba had given him a sense of how profitable the business could be when he lavishly paid for a project the two of them completed.


The first performer to offer me a sizable sum of money in my career was Daddy Lumba. After our conversation in the studio, he went outside and returned with a tray claiming to have brought me beverages.

“I took the bag home without looking inside. I became perplexed when my wife inquired the next day if I would send the money to the bank. She then informed me that the bag I had with me contained money. You know, when we first started, it was more about the skill than the cash,” he stated.


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