Lynx Entertainment dashed me a car but asked me to pay for it-Mzvee reveals (Video)


Singer Mzvee has revealed that her former record label, Lynx Entertainment gifted her a car and asked her to pay for it.

Speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM, Mzvee disclosed that her former label dashed her a car but asked her to pay for it when she was leaving the label.

“They bought me a car. They dashed it to me but tam supposed to pay for it. I don’t know why but that was what was said when I was leaving and I told them I will do my best to pay so I will pay small small.I had the car at the time I left. I have different cars. I don’t have the car Lynx gave to me anymore but I won’t go into that.” Mzvee told Ola Michael in an interview on Neat Fm monitored by

Mzvee further asserted that Lynx Entertainment was doing their best as they paid for her clothing and paid her rent once a while.

“It was the label that was doing the best so you wouldn’t get everything but it was better than none. It’s not a record label in America that is making so much money off royalties or radio, we don’t have here so you do the best.” She added.

Mzvee revealed that Richie, Kuami Eugene, Kidi and Akwaboah wrote songs for her when she was with Lynx Entertainment.

Watch the video below: