A 23-year-old Fashion Designer man has been arrested by the police for attempting to sacrifice his nephew for money rituals.

The suspect identified as Benjamin Adjei tried using his 13-year-old nephew known as Listowel Adjei for the rituals but was arrested while on his way to the shrine to perform the rituals.

Benjamin Adjei was arrested at the Abesim-Tano police barrier on the Sunyani-Kumasi highway on his way to the shrine with his nephew upon a tipoff.

According to the District Sergeant, Benjamin Lartey the suspect admitted the crime during interrogations.

“On Saturday, May 15, the informant informed the police the suspect had succeeded and lured his nephew into a taxi cab ready to convey him to the place for the rituals”

“So, the police laid ambush at Abesim-Tanoso barrier and arrested the suspect” District Sergeant Benjamin Lartey.

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