Man calls out wife for sleeping in new boutique he opened for her [Video]

A Nigerian man was left in disbelief when he walked in on his wife sleeping like a log in a boutique he recently opened for her after he paid her a surprise visit.

The man who filmed his wife sleeping and leaving their newborn son unattended in a self-recorded video said that he opened the shop for her after she mounted pressure on him.


But to his surprise, he discovered his wife sprawled on the floor dozing off during his unannounced visit to the boutique – leaving the shop and the merchandise at the mercy of thieves.

The man who was disappointed with what he saw wondered why she’d be sleeping in the shop when she was the one who had nagged him to get one for her.

Not only did she leave their little child unattended, but her smartphone was also lying in her hand which lay asunder from her body.

Watch the video below: