Man Impregnates Bestfriend’s Daughter As Revenge For Dating His Wife


A man has impregnated his best friend’s daughter after he caught the best friend dating his wife secretly behind his back.

A man has narrated how he was able o successfully impregnated his best friend’s 19-year-old daughter just to take revenge on his best friend.

According to the man, his friend of whom they have been moving together for the past 15 years has been seeing his 25-year-old wife.

The best friend who is 45 years old dates his wife secretly without him knowing until he found out that they exchange nvde among themselves.

This made him also to move in for his friend’s daughter who was still in the University and decided to date the little girl secretly.

He intentionally had affairs with the little girl unprotected and got her pregnant, making the little girl demanding that he marries her as a second wife in addition to his first wife.

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