We all believe in destiny and we believe that everyone’s destiny is in his or her own hands. We all saw how a less than 14-year- old Abraham Atta played his role in ‘Beast Of No Nation’ to perfection.

Abraham Atta as we know was starred in “Beast Of Notion”. The movie become soo famous because it talks about our daily hustle and struggles when you looses your parents at a very tender age. Abraham Atta was a victim, regardless his age,he played his role soo well.

Now,it might suprise you to how transformed Abraham Atta looks now. He took that opportunity by storm and through that, God has lifted him up soo high to the highest level. He now dines with dignitaries regardless his age.

We’ve gathered enough pictures of him to prove worth of our story. We would bring down his profile as well. This is a bit of encouragement to us all. Nobody determines destiny. Take the little opportunity you get and convert it to boost your life.

See his current transformation now