Meet Belinda and Linda: Beautiful and Identical Ghanaian Twins who wants to Marry and Share one Man


A beautiful identical Ghanaian twins by name Linda and Belinda in an interview with Arnold Elvanyo on VibesIn5 disclosed that they want to marry and share one man together.

In the interview, the identical twins revealed that since their childhood they have done almost everything together.

They disclosed to Arnold that they went to the same school since childhood and went to same media school and are presenters.

Asked by Arnold if they would want to work in the same place and take one salary, the identical responded that they will accept such an offer.

The identical twins went further to state that they would want to marry one man and stay together.

They revealed that they want a man who is God-fearing, handsome and rich.

One of the twins revealed that anytime her twin sister falls in love with a guy, she also ends up falling in love with him, and they don’t understand why it happens like that.