Meet Joseph, the 21-year-old boy who has repeated primary 1 for 15 years

Just after we thought we’ve seen and heard it all under the sun, a new documentary of a young guy identified as Joseph who has repeated primary one for fifteen (15) years has popped up.

According to the commentary of the video, Joseph is 21 years and has repeated primary one for 15 solid years and even some of his mates have graduated the tertiary and are now his class teacher.

It is said that he has a mental problem that affects his academics.

As a result of his nature, Joseph is labeled an old man with a big but empty head according to the commentator whose voice could be heard in the video.

His mother while speaking to the media said his son always put in much effort to push himself but his effort ain’t paying him well.

To end this drama, she said she now writes everything she wants him to buy on paper and asked him to memorize.

According to her, Joseph forgets everything, even when he sends him to the market to buy sugar, he comes back home with rice.

Joseph also said in the video that he forgets everything he learns after class and finds it difficult to recall any.

He continued that it is his dream to the president but his mental health isn’t helping him.

Even though he is at age 21, Joseph said he ain’t giving up until he gets promoted from primary one.

Watch the video below to know more about him.

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