Men below 30 years have nothing better to offer me – Vicky Zugah


Actress Vicky Zugah has sent out a strong warning to guys who are below 30 and sending her love messages in her inbox to stop since they have nothing better to offer her.

The actress for some time now has been crying out loud on social media about the fact that she is single and has no man in her life.

Due to this, several men have been inboxing her with their love proposal hoping she accepts to go out on a date with them or better still start a relationship together.

In a new twist, she has disclosed that she is about to enter her forties and her younger brother is in his early thirties therefore she can’t be in a relationship with men who are below that age.

She further added that these young men who are below 30 have been inboxing her with their love proposals but the truth is that those people have nothing to offer her in a relationship.

Vicky also added that she is ready to have normal texting with them or have a platonic relationship but not a serious relationship.

Sharing a video to address the issue she captioned it: “All below 30 years men in my Dm asking for anything other than business and platonic friendship…,with all due respect GET OUT!”

Watch the video below: