Moment Ernest Opoku and Brother Sammy ‘exchanged blows’


As seen in the viral video, Ernest Opoku was seated with a couple of friends under a tree when Brother Sammy popped up from nowhere and started the chaos.


In the video, Brother Sammy expressed his disappointment in Ernest Opoku for warning him not to attend his 20th-anniversary celebration as a gospel singer which happened over the weekend.

After the confrontation, Ernest Opoku who lost his cool tried to attack Brother Sammy but he was prevented by the men around who tightly held him.

Brother Sammy and Ernest Opoku have been beefing for over three years now.

The two gospel stars all claim to have entered the other – Even somewhere last year, Brother Sammy swore never to share the same stage with Ernest Opoku if he doesn’t address him as his senior colleague

Watch the video below to know more…