Moment soldier fell off a moving truck at Ghana’s 66 Independence celebrations


Social media has been awash with exciting scenes from Ghana’s 66th Independence Day celebration that happened at Adaklu in the Volta Region on Monday, March 6, 2023.

As always, there was also some spine-chilling display of high-risk stunts by personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Prior to that, an announcer at the event grounds cautioned that the stunts exhibited had taken the personnel many years to practice and should not be replicated at home.

Shortly after, the skilled soldiers strategically positioned themselves in the open back of a slow-moving truck to take turns in performing the drills.

But there was a mishap as one of the personnel among the over 20 men fell off the moving vehicle.

The fall triggered a brief “aww and eyy” expression of sympathy from the spectators. But the soldier was quick to pick himself up, chased the vehicle and was right back on the truck – this time positioned better for the stunts.