My boyfriend has refused to lick my vajajay, his friend does it and charges GHS100 – Lady cries out


One Ghanaian woman who claims to be unhappy in her relationship because her boyfriend has refused to eat her vajayjay like a watermelon has disclosed the unimaginable things she’s been doing to satisfy her pleasure at the blind side of her lover.

The anonymous lady wrote to Jessica Opare-Saforo, the hostess of Citi FM/Citi TV’s ‘Sister Sister’ show to seek advice on her relationship.

She shared that the boyfriend’s persistent refusal to give her “head” compelled her to start seeing his own friend who licks her so well and make her feel like a woman.

Apparently, the services she receives comes at a cost of GHS100 per session.

“Hi sisters, I’m not happy in my relationship. My boyfriend doesn’t want to give me head no matter what I say. He tried once and stopped shortly after he started. He said he just can’t do it.

“I have started visiting his friend to get what I want. The only thing is that he takes 100ghs from me after he is done,” she revealed.

She wanted to know whether she should continue the relationship with her boyfriend while getting the “head” from his business-minded friend for GHS100.

According to her, the “head” giver has told her that the only condition on which he would stop charging her for the satisfaction is to leave her boyfriend.

“He says he will stop charging me only after I leave my boyfriend,” she bemoaned before asking: “Do you think that I should go ahead and leave my boyfriend since I’m not getting what I want from him?”