Lawyer for the two young men who allegedly killed their friend for the purpose of money doubling rituals popularly known as Sakawa at Kasoa begged the Presiding Judge to temper justice with mercy because he feels that the two young men could be having mental problems.

This plea reportedly threw the whole Court into murmuring until the Court ordered the whole place to be silent.

The Presiding Judge looked into the face of the two suspects and remanded them for two weeks in police custody with strict supervision and subsequent investigations.

As to whether he will listen to the plea of the Lawyer to tamper justice with mercy because he assumes that the children are not in the right frame of mind wasn’t determined.

The Lawyer added that One of the children is a minor and not up to ten years. He, therefore, filed for a review to move his case into the chambers instead of an open court where the public could hear and see anything.