I’m Mimi, 25 years of age. I’m pregnant for my pastor but both my husband and my pastor are not aware of this.

I was in the same church with this gentleman. His name is Mickey. He was active in church businesses so he is being liked by many people in the church. He proposed to marry me and I accepted his proposal. As usual, we had to go through 6 months counseling section in our church. My pastor was taken the responsibility of counseling us. 5 months into the counseling, my pastor and I needed to go to the city to finalize our marriage documents. We should have gone with my yet-to-be husband but then, he was busy at work. So he told us to do it on his behalf. On our way to the city, we were robbed by four armed men. One saddest thing is that they instructed my pastor to have sex with me else, they will kill both of us. Well, life is so important than anything so we did it. ‘My pastor tasted my forbidden fruit.’ I cried a lot for what has happened. We did not continue the journey so we returned back home.

On our way coming, my pastor told me this; he said, “Mimi, you know the behavior of your yet-to-be husband. He is very quick-tempered and hardly forgives. If we inform him of what has happened, the marriage will automatically be called off. Let’s keep this to ourselves”. Indeed, Mickey is quick-tempered and hardly forgives. I knew it but in life, no one is perfect. I didn’t have any option so I accepted my pastor’s advice I missed my period within the month but then, it was just two weeks to our wedding so I kept it secret from Mickey and my pastor with the intention to give it to my husband when we get marry.

Now seven months into our marriage and I’m heavily pregnant with my pastor for my husband. I don’t want my pastor to know this because he can one day demand to be the father of the child which may bring problems to my marriage. My husband too cannot hear about this since it can lead to divorce but then, I’m having sleepless nights on this issue and I don’t know what to do. Can someone give me some advice?