My wife is corrupt -Kennedy Agyapong (Video)

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, a contentious politician from Ghana, has accused his wife of being crooked for tolerating it.

Kennedy Agyapong, who is running for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearership, claimed in an interview that his wife is crooked and unfit to be the first lady.

He claims that his wife stopped a whistleblower from disclosing a hospital that was extorting cash from its patients.

He added that, if elected, he would not tolerate corruption and that, if properly informed, he would have revealed the hospital.

“A woman I met at the airport claimed that a nurse who cared for her friend’s daughter made the wrong ticket for her and that the woman questioned the nurse for doing so since she had paid GHS250 at the hospital but the nurse had written a receipt for GHS50.

She was pushed not to divulge the name of the hospital to me by my wife, who was present and is well acquainted with me; for this reason, I claim that she is corrupt. She told the woman not to disclose me the name of the hospital where this incident occurred because she knows I’ll mention the hospital and she wants to be first lady.

Because of this, I consider her corrupt. She used to be extremely moral when she returned to Ghana, but now she is corrupt.