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After Tracey Boakye got married because she fvck it all, the singer Mzbel has jokingly inquired where the hubby market is so she may buy one for herself.

Do you recall the online dispute between Tracey Boakye and Mzbel?

Mzbel about a man they were calling “Papa No,” of who we are currently unsure of his identity? Tracey Boakye married Frank Badu and is now a Mrs., so it would seem that she has moved on.

Mzbel, who seems to despise peace, posted a video of herself chanting “fvck all” and inquiring where the spouse market is, with the obvious intention of procuring one for herself.

This film was made not long after Tracey Boakye, her claimed rival, wed Frank Ntiamoah in a lavish ceremony.

The meaning of this post is being interpreted differently by almost everyone, but Mzbel hasn’t made it clear whether her comment is in response to her rival Tracey Boakye’s alleged funding of her wedding or not.

Check out the video below;