Mzgee reportedly takes over from Mcbrown at UTV

Nana Ama McBrown’s prolonged absence from UTV has fueled speculation that she has either stepped down or been fired.

Just this morning, word spread on social media that Gloria Akpene Nyarku-Acquah, better known as MzGee, had left 3Music TV.

The reason for her resignation is unknown, but it has been reported that she has signed a new lucrative contract with UTV.

According to rumors, Mzgee will be the new host of UTV’s United Showbiz Show, which airs every Saturday on the channel.


With over ten solid sponsorships, UTV’s United Showbiz Program is currently one of the most watched programs on television.

Hence Mzgee will certainly be eating well at her new workplace because just recently, Bulldog revealed they are paid $500 for each appearance and she will be making more as the host unlike the pundits

Before Mzgee’s resignation and claims of allegedly joining UTV, a TikToker identified as Gloria Enyonam – hinted at McBrown’s resignation in a video she posted on the video-based app.

According to her, the multifaceted screen goddess decided to walk away from her hosting duties due to some unspeakable things done to her during her time as the face of the late-night entertainment program.

In the Tiktoker video, McBrown, who has been swamped with ambassadorial deals, is urged to focus on her commercials in order to protect her brand and dignity from further humiliation.

However, the loudmouth Tiktok star failed to state unequivocally what broke the camel’s back for McBrown to quit her job, but instead implied that McBrown may have taken her employers, Fada Dickson and UTV management, to court over the issue.

She is heard saying that McBrown’s employers are having difficulty reaching an amicable resolution because they cannot afford a good lawyer.