Chief of Manguli, Naa Abdul Rahaman Alhassan in Tamale South constituency in the Northern region wants the minority leader in parliament, honorable Haruna Iddrisu to issue an apology to the people of Manguli for what he describes as “uncharacteristic” behavior of a Member of Parliament.

This happened when the Member of Parliament is seen circulating pictures on social media about the Manguli dam. The chief who seems unhappy about the pictures is calling on the MP to apologize.

“I am standing here to tell honorable Haruna Iddrisu that, I am not happy with those pictures. He should come out and apologize to the people of Manguli. What he has done is not the best”.

He blamed Haruna Iddrisu for been adamant after several appeals by the community for him to come to their aid.

The chief said he could not believe that the Minority leader had sent out pictures in the public domain to suggest that he has commenced dredging works on the Manguli dam.

“It was through our own effort that we hired the tipper truck and the payloader to come and work on the dams. Manguli people mobilized and came out with the resources for the tipper truck and the payloader to come back to the dam and work again and no politician came here o help us. It is our own effort that we are doing it, for the benefit of the community”. He added.

The angry chief also won politicians to stay away from his community during the election period if the dam is not fixed.

“No work is going on which with an indication that is lawyer Haruna who is doing it. He came there to take a picture; he didn’t even come to my palace. He came there secretly; to take a picture with the NDC chairman and I am not happy about the pictures that is circulating on social media that he is working on Sanzirgu and Manguli dam. He should better stop it. Because what he is doing is pure greed”

The Assemblyman for Foushegu electoral area Ibrahim Baba said he has made several appeals to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly both past and current administration but all have not yielded any result.