Mr Fuseini Donkor, former DCE for Sekyere Afram Plains reiterates that executives, all polling station agents and former appointees of the National Democratic Congress should go, beg and ask John Dramani Mahama to lead the Party again in 2024 as a result of disappointing him by failing to protect the decision of Ghanaians whilst he won the elections.

Mr Fuseini in his expressions on who should contest for NDC in the 2024 elections, he said that the 2020 elections were won by John Dramani Mahama without doubt but due to the negligence of NDC executives and polling station executives, Electoral Commission was able to rig the elections in favour of the New Patriotic Party. Therefore, executives of the Party, polling station executives and former NDC appointees should beg John Mahama for allowing EC to rig the elections and then ask for his return to lead the Party in 2024.

He finally added that John Mahama is the one who is to come asking to lead the Party but Party executives should rather beg for his return as a result of the disappointment they have caused.