Nigerian lady collapses and foams after drinking Dettol during ‘Alcohol’ challenge


A young Nigerian woman nearly lost her life after taking part in the ongoing Alcohol challenge trending on social media.

The trend was started mainly by Nigerians following the release of the song by Afrobeats artiste, Joeboy.

Viral videos shared on TikTok captures people soaking themselves in water, alcoholic beverages, palm oil, milk and other contents.

But in an unimaginable twist to take her challenge to the next level, one lady decided to consume antiseptic product, Dettol.

Shortly after the daring move, the young lady was seen in a separate video battling for her life while struggling to breathe.

She was captured foaming from the mouth whiles some persons believed to be her friends were seen trying to resuscitate her using water.

Watch the video below