‘Dumsor’ has since the days of former president Mahama become one of the most popular coined word in our Ghanaian parlance. Its popularity has even forced google to add its to its Wikipedia dictionary.The major worry of all Ghanaians is when this serious canker will be absolutely a thing of the past, since its like an epidemic that comes and goes at will.

The rate at which this frequent power outages is resurfacing is so worrying and the annoying part is that till now no body has been able to give ghanaiabs the assurance as to when things will be normalize. According to the energy minister and GRIDCO, the situation should not be classified to be dumsor, but it is just an upgrade program currently ongoing nationwide.

But surprisingly, the former PNC National chairman, Mr Bernard Monah has come out with a very worrying allegation concerning this current dumsor crisis. According to him the dumsor isva calculated attempt by some NPP gurus to raise effective markets for their imported Electrical Generators.

Speaking today on Pan African TV’s morning program dubbed, “Good morning Africa” the outspoken politician alleged that he is aware of those NPP gurus who have deliberately orchestrated the recent power outages just to be able to force Ghanaians to opt for the Generators.

“As they (the NPP) were alleging some NDC members of being behind the dumsor during mahama’s era, I am hundred percentage certain and I have the evidence that some NPP gurus are also behind this dumsor just to create a ready market for their imported generators. They seek to take undue advantage of it. If they dare me I’ll go to the extent of mentioning their names” he concluded.

He also tagged this current NPP government to be a lazy government for resorting to only borrowing.

Do you think there could be an iota of truth in this allegation by the former PNC national chairman?