Pastor spotted beating church members like kids with so-called holy belt (Watch)


Another video underlying the bad effect religion had had on Africans has sprung up social media and succeeded in eliciting wild reactions from viewers.

An unnamed man of God is seen in the video going around the pulpit whipping the congregants with a belt, which he claims was anointed, as worship songs played in the background.

As demonstrated in the controversial footage, the sheepish congregants were asked to come for the trashing to remove all forms of afflictions from their lives to gain redemption.

Two of the most conspicuous from two tweeps in connection with the foregoing read;

“There are many groups out there masquerading as a church and far too many of us calling ourselves Christians contrary to the Bible’s clear teaching,” a Twitter user commented.

“What people don’t understand is that Christianity and the bible is a conspiracy which was written many years back but only reached Africa in late 1900,” another Twitter user reacted.

Watch the video below;