A video shared by celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest, who was at Pαstor Tobi’s major service in London on Sunday, November 13, showed the church choir performing Davido’s Stand Strong.

In a clip from the video, Pastor Tobi left the congregation to join the choir as they sang together.

Another clip showed Cubana Chiefpriest and Pαstor Tobi dancing like a couple as the choir performed.

Sharing the video, the celebrity barman prayed for Dαvido as he said the singer would emerge stronger.

He wrote: “Our Steps Are Guided By Jehovah @davido @thechefchi God Must Fix Us, God Is Our Only BackUp, We Stand Strong With You Guys And We Are Coming Out Of This Together. Our Triplets Are Sure Loading %…. So Help Us God Amen.”

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media as many netizens said it was wrong for the choir to perform such a song at a church service.

Check out the video below :