Photo of Lady Who Looks Exactly Like Moesha Surfaces on The Internet – Fans React

Social media users have been mesmerised once again after a photo of a lady bearing a striking resemblance to actress Moesha Boduong popped up.

The photo which surfaced on the internet had an unknown lady looking exactly like Moesha Boduong, a doppelganger with the same physiognomy.

Many who saw the photo which was collaged side by side argued that she could be the twin of Moesha and the family of the actress has an explanation to do.

There was just one difference between the two personalities, the other lady has a gap between her canines, what is called diastema but Moesha does not.

Information about the lady is scanty on the internet and we are parading the streets of social media to find more information about her.

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