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Photos of the side chick who sued First Atlantic Bank Manager

The current trending news on social media confirms that a senior male employee of First Atlantic Bank Ghana has been sued for persistent sexual harassment and abuse of female National Service Personnel.

According to reports, Deborah Seyram Adablah, the Manager of First Atlantic Bank in Accra, Ghana, has filed a lawsuit against Ernest Kwasi Nimako.

Apparently, the lady is Manager’s sidekick, and she has sued him for failing to keep promises made to her during their affair. She was promised money and other benefits, but they were never delivered.

The lady claims in the writ made available to GHPage that she had a private and intimate relationship with the manager.

This comes after he (the manager) repeatedly harassed and sexually abused her. She gave in because the manager wielded the power.

Senior male officers at the bank (First Atlantic Bank) where she used to work sexually harassed female bank employees on a regular basis.

According to the summons, if any female employee refuses to comply with the demands of the senior male staff, her life at the bank will be made unhappy and uncomfortable.

Again, almost every senior manager has a girlfriend in the bank, and they can change the ladies whenever they want.

They also pimp the ladies to make advances to the rich customers in order to sleep with them and get them to sleep with them.

Deborah Seyram’s photos have finally surfaced on the internet, and social media users who have seen them have expressed their thoughts.

While some accuse him of being a gold digger, others commend her for her bravery.

Here are some photos of the stunning Deborah Seyram, who has quickly become an internet sensation.

source:Ghanaianexpress.com / King Bygone

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