This groom joined the “men in skirt” gang for his white wedding. He planned to be extraordinary unconventional with their looks.

Jaden and his wife

Change is inevitable and that’s why there is really no one thing that stays forever. Fashion change, traditions change and some of the coolest wedding trends that were the real deal like twenty years ago might be outdated by now.

It’s totally fine if you’ve got a little something different in mind for your big day or even decide that down payment on a house or a truly lush honeymoon instead of a big and chic wedding is better for you. In this case, you’re probably looking for some ways to save money on something, like a wedding dress.

You just need to look for a sort of wedding outfits, which are unconventional, standout in a way and which you’ll be able to wear after your big day ends.

Popular Ghanaian fashionista, Richmond Brown popularly known as Osebor made headlines with his ‘Skirt’ fashion statements in recent times and Ghanaian men are in love with his looks and are gradually imitating his style.

The appearance although is not the African style, it is very popular in Scotland and it’s christened the Scottish Kilt traditional outfit.

Jaden said ‘I do’ to his girlfriend in a romantic Ghanaian Scottish themed wedding recently and we were pleasantly in admiration seeing the images.

The bride looked gorgeous in her simple bodied white gown accompanied by her flawless makeup and hair.

The groom, however, caused a huge stir when he appeared to receive his bride.

Adorned in white long sleeves and a bow tie, Jaden finished his look with a kente-made skirt (obviously imitating the Scottish traditional outfit).


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His look got and staring and we couldn’t wait but share with you.