Road accident is a most unwanted thing to happen to travelers and passengers, though it happens quite often. The most unlucky thing is that we don’t learn from our mistakes on road. Because of what a driver mistakenly did to cause an accident his fellow driver will repeat the same error. The main cause of accidents and crashes is due to human errors.

just in a terrible accident has just happened in Kumasi Abuakwa separase as two vehicles collided. This fatal accident occurred today, 7th April 2021 at Sepaase in the Ashanti region as A cargo car fully loaded with plantain from Baabiani to Kumasi collided with a sprinter carrying personages from Kumasi to Baabiani.

According to the eyewitness, The sprinter tries to do overtaken without notice the cargo car is also coming with a tough speed. unfortunately for the Sprinter driver, the two vehicles collided. So many have lost their life especially passengers who were sitting at the front of the sprinter. Many are also in critical condition.