Popular pastor’s daughter Miss Bijou Fortunate has ditched her childhood religion and opted for Islam because she feels she wasn’t told the truth about the light and love. She has publicly come out on Easter day to tell those who expect to see her in her rich father’s Church to forget.

She now wants to be known as Bushira Ahmed and has married a Muslim man whom she got the name Ahmed from.

“Growing up, I felt that Christianity was the only religion in the world because my father is a pastor. That was a lie. I was taught of wearing skirts and blouses contrary to the Bible’s teaching of exposing any part of our bodies.

I’ve found the man I love in Islam and I’ve stopped being a Christian. I want to be called Bushira Ahmed Instagram of Bijou Fortunate. “

However contrary to her belief, many people feel she is into Islam because she got a rich man as a husband there. She disputes this because her father is also rich but to her, Islam is the best religion in the world