Princess Shyngle Finds Love Again After Ending Her 3 Month Marriage


Princess Shyngle after ending her marriage with her Gambian husband tried to take her own life a couple of weeks after the divorce and even promised never to share her love life on social media but this post of hers says otherwise.

Princess Shyngle in her post has insinuated that she has found love again after all that she has been through within a couple of months and she seems so happy with the new love she has found even though we don’t know who the lucky man is.

Princess Shyngle in her post hailed her new boyfriend saying how he makes her blush praising the love he has for her saying love is a beautiful thing which is indeed right when you find someone who loves you just like you love them.

Netizens reacting to her post expressed worry asking they hope she hasn’t rushed to fall in love with another random guy she met after all that she has been through asking her to take it easy when it comes to love.

screenshot below;