Remember the 97-year-old man who married A 35-year-old woman, What has happened to him?


Getting married to someone is considered a lifetime decision. When the man of God is blessing the marriage, one of the vows he asks the couple to make is to be together for better and for worse.

With this, once the decision is made, it is expected that only death can separate the two. They are therefore supposed to be together in both good and bad times.

One characteristic that most people consider when going into marriage is age. The belief is that the age interval of couples should be close.

There are several others who consider the financial strength of the other half before considering to go into the marriage.

It is not usual for a young lady at the age of thirty-five to marry an old man of ninety-seven years old. But that was the case between Akua Asabea and Akwasi Gyan who is popularly known as Agyaba.

The marriage ceremony of the two happened in the year 2020 and caught the attention of most Ghanaians.

Akua Asabea who was then thirty-five years revealed that she accepted to marry Ninety-Seven Year old Agyaba due to his generosity.

She also added that the relationship that existed between them was unbreakable. After some months of marriage, many are wondering what might have happened to the two.

Well, the news is that Akua Asabea and Agyaba are still happily living together. Even though Agyaba is growing older, Akua Asabea has not given up on him.

Agyaba’s old age has been attributed to the good life and his interest in local herbs. They are already blessed with four children together and have since not added on as far as the public is aware.

Agyaba is still strong and healthy with his wife at Obuasi. Let’s all continue to pray for long life for Agyaba.