Just as we thought last month March was the bad month ever in this year so far, it appears that, this month, April has started with yet more bad news as day in day out news hitting us is unpleasant.

According to report sighted on Angel TV this afternoon, a Military man have allegedly shot a wood dealer dead In Asamankese, the capital of West Akim Municipal District, a district in the Eastern Region this morning.

According to report, earlier today, a wood dealer who was leading a KIA Rhino truck loaded with woods traveling from Asamankese and heading towards Accra allegedly got shot to death by an unknown military man who was hiding at the Asamankese barrier.

According to Osei, a brother of the deceased who narrates what happened to Nana Boye Piesie Kyenkyenhene Of Angel FM during today’s edition of ‘Orgasm News’ on Angel FM, he stated that, an unidentified Military man have shot his brother four time through a taxi around 2am this morning.

Explaining how it all started, he stated that, his brother who is now late informed him last night that, a friend of his have bought dome woods In Asamankese and needed him to lead the woods to Accra Of which he wished him a safe journey knowing very well that’s what they all do for a living.

As at 11pm last night, he had a call from his brother and he said their car is about to set off for Accra but afterwards he didn’t hear from him again.

He However woke up this morning to the sad news of his brother’s death as he was informed that, while his brother was leading the KIA Rhino which was loaded with the woods, a military man who were hiding at the Asamankese barrier allegedly fired shots into the car leading to the sudden death of his brother when the taxi his brother have hired to lead the Kia Rhino got to the barrier.

According to Osei, every wood that will be transported to any part of the county, a car is hired to lead it just to give military men, police and forestry workers something small to allow them go to their destination smoothly and that was what his brother was doing that led to his sudden death.

Talking to Nana Boye in a phone conversation he stated that; “ we trade woods, we buy them from Asamankese and bring to Accra to sell them.

Yesterday, my brother informed me that one of his friends have bought some woods and needed him to assist in the transport so I told him to stay safe while going.

Around 11pm to 12am, I had a call from my brother and I asked if they have gotten to the destination they were sending the woods to of which he said No, as at that moment they were about to set off for Accra but I didn’t hear from him again only to wake up this morning to news of his death.

I was informed that, the said military man who shot my brother dead was hiding at the Asamankese barrier so when they finish loading and headed towards Accra and the military man shot him dead through the taxi. He shot him four time in the head. Osei added

Explaining why his brother was not in the KIA Rhino but rather in a taxi leading the Kia Rhino he explained that; “we have something called ‘leading’, we hire a taxi to lead the car loaded with the woods so that any barrier we will meet on our way, we pay the military men, police and forestry workers something small so that the car with the woods can go freely.

Most times we even call some military men we have their numbers and pay them something small so we could go freely” he added.

He however added that, the taxi driver is now in police custody assisting in investigation.

see Screenshot of how the bullets pieced the seats of the car to the victims head.