The beginning of this year is full of uncertainties as accidents and murdered cases keep coming everyday.

Just last week two teenagers murdered a 10-year-old boy at Kasoa for money rituals, according to their confirmation.

In news today sighted by on Adom FM Morning news revealed another murder case at Tepa Asutifi South. According to the report, a Senior high school student who is 20-year-old named Ebenezer Opoku has murdered a Young man called Seidu who has traveled to the place to work as a laborer. The incident happened around 9:00 PM.

Information from the eyewitness revealed Seidu bought three pure water and requested for Polythene bag. The storekeeper told him she doesn’t have but later got some from a different place for Seidu.

At that same Ebenezer Opoku also came to the place to buy some kinds of stuff, took the fight upon himself started quarreling with Seidu. He told Seidu there is no need for him to request polythene for just three Sachet of water, Seidu didn’t agree with what he said because he was taking the water to a long distance. Everything ended and Seidu went home.

Not knowing Opoku followed Seidu to his house, so in the process, Seidu was explaining what happened to his sister Opoku came to their house to continue the fight with him unluckily he stabbed Seidu and led to his untimely death.

According to the report from DSP Paul Ankam, Opoku Ebenezer has been arrested. And the people in the community also confirm that is his way of life he is living. Trying to be a champion in the community.