See what wife did to cheating husband after catching him in bed with woman

A woman did the fairly unthinkable after catching her cheating husband in bed with another woman.

Instead of walking away from the sore scene as most heartbroken women will do, she rather vented her fury on the man by taking him to the cleaners.

Ordinarily, in a situation like this, the man usually stands up in awe, pleads with the woman on his bed, and probably runs out to beg his wife.

Well, in this instance, the wife was already prepared for him.

No sooner had he tried to explain than the wife landed hot slaps on his cheeks, which were followed by several blows. The man eventually passed out.

In a video posted by Zim Celebs on Instagram, the irate wife repeatedly punched her husband while he was pleading and attempting to defend himself.

Outsiders had to step in and separate them because she continued to assault him despite him starting to bleed from his nose.