Shatta Wale claims he is filthy rich and lives a better life — but shockingly, that riches and better living do not reflect outside his body, maybe, it’s reflecting inside his body. Let’s hope so because this current picture of him is raising concerns about his health.

Shatta Wale looks skinny and malnourished in the photo below and according to a fan on social media, Wale needs to hit the gym and build some muscles.

Yes, Shatta Wale has gymed his pockets but what’s the essence of having money with a malnourished look on the outside? Just look at Sarkodie, his money actually reflects on the outside (body).

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There is no difference between the 2004 broke Shatta Wale (Bandana) and the 2021 rich Shatta Wale — nothing has changed despite claiming to be wealthy.

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