Multiple award-winning Ghanaian Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale is back on the streets as he has finally been freed from Ankaful Prison.

Shatta Wale star was granted GH100,000 bail on self-recognition today after re-appeared in court. He was arrested on 19th October 2019, remanded for one week after he was charged with the publication of fake news.

On 18th October, Shatta Wale with his P.A and other accomplices staged a report that he was shot.

According to him, he did so because a Prophet prophesied that he will be shot on that day, hence, he staged the stunt to draw attention to the fake prophecy.

After being sent to the Ankaful Prison after he was denied bail, Shatta Wale is finally out, following today’s verdict.

The ‘Freedom’ singer who said he would like to go jail, showed up excited after his release today.

He was also spotted in a car with his P.A, Nana Dope, fellow musician Gambo, and a few others as he was being chauffeured home after completing the bail process

Gambo shared the video with the caption “Nyame woh) my brothers are out SM4LYF for life is for life”.

Watch it below.