My name is Sam. I’m 31 years old. I met this lady where I was working as a part-time teacher. She was the proprietor’s daughter. She is very beautiful and sexy. She is a nurse and was on leave. She was there to help her father to manage his school.

I went to her father’s office one day to submit my lesson notes for vetting. Her action towards me was unusual; she eyed me and told me I’m a nice guy which I accepted her compliment. I gave her the notes and from there, we became friends. I was at that time given GH300 as a stipend from her father and she knew it. I didn’t have a permanent job. I had completed university and have stayed home for 3 years Now.

We met one day to discuss matters to ourselves. She wanted to know more about me of which I did. I told her everything about me; no money, no car, and nothing. It got to her turn. She began by telling me she is a public nurse, she has been in the work for about three years and she has saved enough money for the future. He continued by saying she is the second born of her parents and has other two siblings. Her mother died overseas and left some money at the bank for them in their foreign accounts. It was a huge sum of money and she hasn’t touched her part.

I was then 28 years old and she was 33. Well, she was older than me but I told myself age is a number and doesn’t matter in a relationship. I proposed to her and she accepted it. ‘She gave her body to me that day and I enjoyed it. Knowing very well that I don’t have a good job, she was the one doing everything. She gave me money every month, bought a mattress and a bed for me. She did many things for me. I know she has money as she has already demonstrated so I was not worried about what she was doing for me.

We stayed for a year and we planned to marry. Still, I had no permanent job but I managed to save GH6000 for the marriage and she told me she will take care of the rest. The actual cost of the marriage was GH28,000. The marriage went on successfully.

After the marriage, strange things started coming out;

  1. She wasn’t a public nurse but rather a private one which wasn’t all that serious.
  2. Her mother was not working abroad but rather she was taken to there from Ghana due to her sickness and she passed on there.
  3. She has no money in the supposedly foreign account her mother left for them. Even no account existed.
  4. All this while the monies she was giving me were all borrowed from her friends.
  5. She took the rest of the money for our wedding from her sister and then informed her I will pay after the wedding without my notice.

In all, she owes about GH90,000 which I’m supposed to pay. I still don’t have a permanent job. I really don’t know how I can pay this amount. She has left home for more than 4 months now. Her phone is off but sometimes she comes online to test me. We are trying to do everything to help her but she is not cooperating. She hasn’t regretted all these things she has done.

I really don’t know what to do now.