The veteran Actors and media personalities who were known to be in a relationship, David Dontoh, and Maame Dokono in the late 90s was known to be love birds who are always moved together in their youthful days.

They always starred in the same concert Party show and TV series where they always act as spouses to each other.

David Dontoh in an interview has detailed how she got to know to Grace Omaboe and how they became best of friends before joining the Film industry and most especially how she got the name Maame Dokono.

According to David Dontoh, he started acting “Keteke” series with the Ghana man whiles Grace Omaboe was known as Ghana Woman but aside from the drama work, Grace Omaboe was a Kenkey seller at a Railway station where he used to visit his friend, Joe Eyison aka Station Master at the Railway station.

This is Joe Eyison aka station master

“So when I visit Joe Eyison at the Railway Station, because he is much older than me so I respected him so much, he used to send me to buy Kenkey at Maame Dokono’s joint by saying”

“Tell Maame Dokono that station master said that give him Kenkey so he will come and pay later”

“I personally called her Ghana woman but station master kept on insisting that when I get there I should say I am looking for “Maame Dokono” the woman who sells Kenkey which made. So I was known as Ghana man, Grace Omaboe as Maame Dokono and Joe Eyison was known as Station Master”

David Dontoh revealed this after telling how she and Maame Dokono became best of partners.