Actress Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has unleashed herself on Salma Mumin for releasing a secret recording intended to embarrass Moesha Boduong.

Poloo held nothing back in a scathing attack on Salma Mumin, describing her as jealous and envious of Moesha Boduong.

She just stopped short of calling her a b*tch but her description of her actions make it clear that’s exactly what she thinks.

Akuapem Poloo warned people to be wary of who they bring close to them because in their times of trouble they might just turn their backs on you.

She called out jealous and envious friends who would always be working against you and just waiting for your downfall.

“Let’s be vigilant, watch people you surround yourself with. You can’t trust. You see how human beings can be happy over their felow human being’s downfall and would not think twice to bring you down, to do evil things to you because of enviness and jealousy. Let’s be watchful,”

Poloo added: “It’s so funny how things are happening in our industry,

She called out Salma Mumin for using Moesha’ downfall as a moment to bring her down even more and try to disgrace her with the released audiotape.