Shugatiti blocks King Nasir for trolling her for having a weak ‘toto’


Shugatiti and King Nasir’s atopa match which was keenly anticipated by Ghanaians might not come on as expected following the hot banter between the two socialites on Twitter.

The two descended into the gutters after King Nasir turned down Shugatiti’s offer for their proposed ‘atopa’ match.

The Ghanaian socialite quoted an extreme figure for what she said she would charge before accepting to film with the pornstar.

Shugatiti mentioned $20 million as the money she would receive if she wanted to sleep with King Nasir and have fans watch it live.

After speculations that King Nasir was in Ghana to meet with Shugatiti so they could finally get their deal rolling, the latter has made a huge demand.

No sooner had Shugatit made the offer, but King Nasir turned it down. According to him, she was not deserving of that amount considering the condition of her private parts.

King Nasir insinuated that he saw Shugatiti’s leak and was not impressed with the shape and quality of her private parts, and thus would not accept to pay such an amount for substandard goods.

King Nasir tweeted: Y’all got sis out here thinking that I don’t pay sex workers??

Shugatiti replied: Give me 2million dollars@KingNasirXXX

King Nasir replied: 2 million for that weak ass pussy? Be fr.

Later King Nasir added: We saw your leaked sex tape sis, it was trash

Feeling disrespected, Shugatiti has blocked King Nasir for her own mental well-being and health.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…