Slay Queen Chases Man For More After Several Rounds Of Sex (Watch Video)


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Wahala no dey finish as a viral video circulating on Instagram captures a moment a slay queen is seen chasing a man for more after several rounds of sex.

At first, before a man will have a sexual intercourse with female partner, it surely means they have been together for a very long time and have really known each other very well but these days, a lot have really changed to the extent that, some men can just meet a lady on the street and decide to take the person home at that very moment which is not supposed to be like that.

And some of these our dear ladies who call themselves slay queens, because of how they have been jumping from one man to the other for a living as they see nothing wrong with it, mostly gets to a point where they no longer get satisfied when having a ‘good time’.

An innocent young man became a victim in the hands of one of such ladies as hook up gone wrong when he took her home to have a ‘good time’. According to reports, after several rounds of sex, the guy was really tired but the girl insisted she is still not satisfied and for that matter, wants some more. The guy decided to freed himself from the lady but this lady was still chasing him to come and continue.