Slay Queen Life – Checkout 8 Photos Of Curvy Deborah Seyram Adablah Chilling During The Good Times


The modern-day Jezebel! Deborah Seyram Adablah is the woman to watch right now.

Deborah has brought Kwesi Nimako, a “big man,” to his knees. Her lawsuit against him has exposed him to public scorn.

Deborah and Nimako had a side-chick-sugar daddy thing going on if you’re not on this planet. Deborah’s man gave her a car, an apartment, a monthly salary, and other perks.

However, the pair disagreed, and sugar daddy halted the goodies train. He even returned to his car, which is when all hell broke loose!

She sued him, exposing their relationship, and the two are still trending day in and day out.

Many Ghanaians have wondered what Deborah was thinking when he let Nimako, a Deacon in his church, forget his wife and chase her like a rabid dog.

Maybe you’ll understand after looking through these eight photos of Deborah – the ultimate slay queen!

Slay Queen