Social media users react to Shugatiti’s trending sex video

Ghana approved a new law in February 2021 that seeks to punish those who publish indecent images, particularly of children and women, online.

The new law, part of the country’s Cybersecurity Act 2020, aims to make it more difficult to take, circulate, or publish naked and sexual images and videos of people.

Persons who circulate naked images and videos of others or themselves may face fines ranging from $5200 to $10,000 under the new law (GH 30,000 to GH60,000).

They may also be sentenced to five, ten to fifteen, or twenty-five years in prison.

This law has been cited by social media users as being used to deal with Shugatiti for sharing her own nudes on social media.

Shugatiti, they believe, should be used as a scapegoat to serve as a strong deterrent to others who have secret plans to share their nudes online for fame and attention.

Only a few hours ago, the nudist and socialite willingly shared her own atopa video on Snapchat before deleting it after it went viral.

No one knows what she wanted to achieve with the online publication of the video but evidently, she only wanted to trend.

The sex video has since given birth to a hot conversation piece on the internet – With thousands of netizens sharing contrasting opinions.

Maybe, the calls for the laws to deal with her might be considered by the appropriate authorities.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, Click on this LINK to have a look at it.