Date Rush’s Rose has revealed that some former contestants of the matchmaking reality show are having amorous affairs with one another.
According to her, they have set up a WhatsApp group for both male and female contestants, respectively.

Rose, adds that some of the ladies who lust for some of the Date Rush guys willingly give themselves to them.

Also known as Khadija, she reveals that despite this, she has not done this, and she will never do it because it will take a lot.

She also argued that she loves to date a man who has money, handsome, educated, and someone she will have feelings for.

This act comes, despite some of them getting their respective dates.

Rose made these revelations in an exclusive interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM on Monday, April 12, 2021.

Rose was on the show with his erstwhile date Man Bossey, who is a professional barber.

Some of the contestants who featured in the recent past season include Ruby, Fatima, Bella, Ruth, Sandra, Raymond, Bebelino, and The Powder Man.

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