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Still Looking Young And Pretty In Their 30’s, Check Out These Celebs In Their 30’s

You’d be surprised to learn the true or actual ages of some of the country’s celebrities. Individual differences cause some celebrities in Ghana to appear much older than their true ages, while others appear much younger.

We will look at four female Ghanaian celebrities who you may not know are in their thirties because of how young, pretty, and elegant they appear despite their ages.

1. Adina Thembi


Adina is without a doubt one of Ghana’s most beautiful celebrities right now. The singer of “Why” has a baby face. Many people are unaware that the talented singer is in her thirties, owing to how young and attractive she appears. Adina Thembi, whose full name is Adina Thembi Ndamse, is 31 years old. On October 3rd, 1989, the award-winning singer was born. This means that the lovely and talented musician will turn 32 on October 3rd of this year. The former winner of the future music reality show stars still lives with her mother. Adina says she will live with her mother until she marries.

2. Sister Derby

Sister Derby’s beauty is as clear as crystal. The ever-young songstress is one of Ghana’s most beautiful celebrities. Deborah Owusu-Bonsu is her given name. On August 25th, 1984, the former girlfriend of Ghanaian rapper medical was born. The “Uncle Obama” hitmaker celebrated her 37th birthday anniversary yesterday, according to her birth date. Despite being 38 years old, her beautiful face and good body shape make her appear much younger.

3. Berla Mundi

Another celeb who looks pretty and young despite being in her thirties is no other person than Berlinda Addardey. Berlinda Addardey who is popularly known in Showbusiness as Berla Mundi is a Ghanaian media personality, women’s s advocate, and voice artist. Berla Mundi’s beauty is second to none. The renowned television Personality is actually in her early thirties. She was born on April 1st, 1988. This means that the pretty television Personality is 33 years at the moment but looks like a lady in her 20s because of her baby face. Berla Mundi is currently single.

4. Ahuofe Patri

Last but not least, there is Ahoufe Patri. The gifted actress was born on June 3rd, 1991. Only two months ago, the beautiful and pretty actress celebrated her 30th birthday anniversary. Ahoufe Patri is the epitome of beauty. Ahoufe Patri appears to be in her mid-20s due to her good looks and baby face.


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